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Cropsalt Granular


Cropsalt Granular is a combination  of organic and inorganic fertilizer in granular form used to provide complete nutritional needs for up to180 days. Granular contains coated controlled release fertilizer along with organic slow release fertilizer, humics, fulvics, and worm castings. Cropsalt granular provides multiple forms of calcium just like the solubles. CALCIUM IS KEY. There is no product on the market like our granular. We suggest applying at a low to medium rate and reapply if necessary. Container plants with runoff will need a heavier application rate and/or a second application.

Cropsalt Granular can be applied 3 ways:

As a subdress by burying the granular a couple inches from the top of the substrate surface

As a topdress by applying the granular on top of the substrate. (must be watering by hose, sprinkler, or spray emitter so water will pass over the fertilizer and down into the rootzone)

By incorporating (mixing) the granular into your substrate before planting

5lb and 45lb ship via USPS or UPS

500lb includes ten 50lb buckets and ships freight. Requires a dock or forklift for delivery

Granular CRUSHES with soil and in-ground applications


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