Frequently Asked Questions

What is the foolproof method to great results using Cropsalt?

What strengths should I mix Cropsalt? What is the highlighted row on the label? Feed chart?

Do you have any tips for mixing the Part A in the reservoir?

Do you have any tips for mixing the Part B in the reservoir?

Why don’t I start using the Bloom powders until day 22 of bloom?

What additives should I run with Cropsalt?

I like my bloom additive, can I run it with Cropsalt?

Should I use filtered water with Cropsalt?

Can I run Cropsalt with coco, peat, soil, rock wool, etc?

I found a chunk in one of my bags. Is it ok to use?

My reservoir is still clear after adding Cropsalt, what did I do wrong?

How is Cropsalt different from the competition?

Do I need to use Cal-Mag?

Will my crop pass testing when grown with Cropsalt?

How do we contact Cropsalt?

Can I order Cropsalt if I live outside of the United States and Canada?