Frequently Asked Questions

What is the foolproof method to great results using Cropsalt?

What strengths should I mix Cropsalt? What is the highlighted row on the label? Feed chart?

Why don’t I start using the Bloom powders until day 22 of bloom?

What additives should I run with Cropsalt?

Should I use filtered water with Cropsalt?

Can I run Cropsalt with coco, peat, soil, rock wool, etc?

My reservoir is still clear after adding Cropsalt, what did I do wrong?

How is Cropsalt different from the competition?

Do I need to use Cal-Mag?

Will my crop pass testing when grown with Cropsalt?

Can I use fertilizer injectors or dosers with Cropsalt?

Can I order Cropsalt if I live outside of the United States and Canada?

Can Cropsalt be used with DWC?

Sterile or microbes?

Can Cropsalt be used with Autopot systems?

How is the Granular used?

What is the ideal PPFD week by week?

What is the ideal VPD week by week?

Can Cropsalt be used to root clones?

What does RunClean do?

Cropsalt and seedlings?

Is Cake used during flush?