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Cropsalt Granular

Cropsalt Granular

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Cropsalt Granular is a combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer in granular form used to provide complete nutritional needs for up to 180 days. Containing coated controlled release fertilizer (CRF) along with organic slow release fertilizer, humics, fulvics, and worm castings, there is nothing that comes close. The granular provides multiple forms of calcium just like the solubles. CALCIUM IS KEY. Control release fertilizer gives the plant what it needs, when it needs it. The slow release granules, humics, fulvics, and worm castings provide organic forms of fertilizer and promote quality and healthy soil. 

Understanding the difference between slow-release fertilizers (SRFs) and controlled-release fertilizers (CRFs) is crucial as they serve distinct purposes and have varying effects. While some people incorrectly use these terms interchangeably, they have significant differences. SRFs release nutrients at a slower rate compared to conventional water-soluble fertilizers, but the release rate, pattern, and duration are not controlled. Their effectiveness depends on microbial activity, which is influenced by soil temperature and moisture. On the other hand, CRFs are granular fertilizers that have a controllable rate, pattern, and duration of nutrient release. They contain semipermeable barriers to control the release of nutrients. The combination of the two, plus soil conditioners, are a combo that cannot be beat in granular form.

We suggest applying at a medium rate and reapply if necessary. Container plants with runoff will need a heavier application rate and/or a second application.

Cropsalt Granular can be applied 3 ways:

  • As a subdress by burying the granular a couple inches from the top of the substrate surface
  • As a topdress by applying the granular on top of the substrate. (must be watering by hose, sprinkler, or spray emitter so water will pass over the fertilizer and down into the rootzone)
  • By incorporating (mixing) the granular into your substrate before planting (best method)

Granular CRUSHES with soil and in-ground applications.

Cropsalt Granular is an awesome nutrient to use with Autopots and soil or promix. 

See our Grow Documents Page and Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information on Cropsalt and for grow information.

5lb and 45lb ship via USPS or UPS

500lb includes ten 50lb buckets and ships freight.

Visit to dial in your environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dean (Phoenix, US)
Working great!

Just started using granular for my fruit trees and it’s kicking ass!

Best Granular Fertilizer On the Market

If you like to keep it simple, this is the product for you. I've tried another so called 3-part cannabis fertilizer that's twice the price and it couldn't hold a candle to Cropsalt. Amazing growth, lasts all the way through flower and produces an amazing product. These guys know what they are doing and this is not a gimick product. Try it, you won't believe the results you'll get.

SleepyTay (Lake, US)
Simply put, WOW.

I have been cultivating cannabis for almost a decade now and for the past 6 years I have stayed with CropSalt due to the amazing results that cannot be beat by their competitors; and trust me I have tried them all. I recently decided to switch from the base nutrient lines to the granular just to see what would happen. I am absolutely floored at how well my plants are responding. When I thought CropSalt be outdone, they out-do themselves. Astounding results, side by side versus anything, CropSalt forever.

RenoKrizp (Pittsburgh, US)
Results Immediately

Love this stuff. I added on the heavy side for soil granular. This stuff keeps rocking. Every time I think I need to add liquid fertilizer, I don't! Because these things really do work and have my plants looking healthy as heck! Ordered my second 5 lb bag earlier last month. If I'm not using super soil. I have this in my pots.....

Hobby_Turns_Addiction420 (Chicago, US)
Simplicity At Its Finest

Currently running as a Top dressing for potted plants.
Couldn’t be any simpler.
Just add water and watch your ladies thrive