We are growers. We have run our own commercial cultivation facilities for almost 20 years. If you have questions, we have answers. Cropsalt was not developed to bring to market like all the other lines. Cropsalt was developed in our gardens in search of the perfect crop. We ran countless bottles for years and then started to play with cheap solubles, quickly going down the rabbit hole. Over a decade later and hundreds of thousands into development we were mixing 17 inputs at a time in our reservoirs. In 2016 we decided to combine inputs to make it easier for us to mix and allow us to use dosers. There are many imitators but only one Cropsalt. Just because a plant stays green does not mean its getting what it needs to put the most fire in the bag.  

Looking for a proven nutrient lineup for your cultivation facility or grow? Looking to stand out in the market? Cropsalt delivers exactly what your plants need, removing the guesswork.

For years the industry standard was bottled liquid nutrients. People were taught that you get what you pay for. Every company has differing npk ratios, all claiming to be the best. Liquid fertilizer companies want you to purchase an entire line of liquid nutrients. This is purely a money grab. In liquid form, all nutrients CAN be provided in a two part mix. Requiring so many bottles to be combined for full plant health leads to costly errors in mixing and is not good for the bottom line.

This is the same for soluble lines. All that is needed is a 2-part Veg and 2-part Bloom. There is no need for ratios to change every single week. That is pure marketing gimmick.

Cropsalt takes a very different approach. We didn’t like guessing as to what was in each bottle or part. We didn’t like spending money on bottle after bottle. We took the guesswork out of the equation. Cropsalt consists of a two-part Veg and a two-part Bloom in dry soluble form. Cake is a finisher used by itself for the final 14 days during "flush".

Calcium is key, Cropsalt is the only line with multiple sources of calcium. With other nutrients the sole source of calcium comes from calcium nitrate. When calcium and nitrogen are tied together it makes it impossible to have the proper calcium ratios. Calcium goes up, nitrogen goes up. Nitrogen goes down, calcium goes down. We solved that. You may ask why no other line has... that's because they pay big ag to formulate their mixes. Big ag and our industry are very far apart. Any line that allows you or requires you to add "calmag", or an equivalent, was not formulated properly at all. No line should want you to alter their mix unless their mix is flawed to begin with. No more crazy high EC to keep your plants from going deficient.

Cropsalt’s formulas go beyond the standard n-p-k formulations and take into account the specific needs of the plant. There are 14 root-absorbed elements a plant needs to stay healthy. The ratio of all 14 elements must be precise for the roots to absorb them properly. No other industry misuses fertilizers like our industry. Guessing which “booster” to use when and how is a thing of the past. We offer a simple solution that works every time and outproduces anything on the market in both yield and quality.

Soluble formulations are the standard in agriculture and horticulture around the world. When you want to feed a plant an exact mix every time, soluble fertilizers are the answer. Organic fertilizers are often not readily available for the plant to absorb. The plant does not know the difference between organically supplied elements and salt-based elements. They are exactly the same when absorbed by the plant. You can rest assured knowing your plants are getting what they need every time when using Cropsalt.

Using Cropsalt is very simple. The two-part Veg formula is used from clone to day 21 of flower. The two-part Bloom formula is used from day 22 of flower to End of week 7. Cake is used by itself for the final 14 days before harvest and adds color, weight, terpenes and frost. Our recommended strength for Veg and Bloom comes out to 2.2-2.3 EC and bangs. No expensive additives or gimmicks.

When we decided to offer our nutrients for sale we caught tons of negative commentary regarding our use of veg until day 21 of flower. We were the first to promote this. Plants are still transitioning from veg to bloom during that period and need more nitrogen. Around day 16-21 of flower you will see the ec start stacking very quickly in the rootzone. This is caused by the plant's shift from demanding as much nitrogen to needing more PK. Running Cropsalt Veg A and B from clone until day 21 of flower will promote the healthiest growth with the tightest stacking. 

When switching to Bloom A and B the swell starts. No more calcium deficiencies. No need for crazy high EC to prevent deficiencies. No more need for "bloom boosters". It's all in the mix.

Cake is our finisher. There is no other product on the market that promotes quality during flush. Cropsalt was the first line to promote the use of a finisher during the standard 2 week flush instead of water. Cake has never contained any nitrogen, as the purpose of Cake is to lock out nitrogen. Cake drastically increases the weight and quality of your crop. You will notice the difference within 3 days of your first feeding.

 The results speak for themselves.

As growers we have the answers for your questions. We don't succeed unless you do. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page as well as our Grow Documents Page for information, how-to's, and feeding schedules. Reach out with any questions.