Commercial Cultivation Support

We don't succeed unless you do. We are here to make sure your journey with Cropsalt is successful. If you have a commercial facility, reach out! We have the knowledge, through experience, to increase profitability, simplify your procedures, turn your facility around, or make sure your build-out is set to succeed. We are not fly-by-night hack-jobs like the rest. Every facility we visit or design we look over have major room for improvement. Facility after facility on the brink of failure have called reps and consultants to help them. They never solve the issues because they don’t have the experience. We can get it done. We understand the needs in today's market and know what it takes for facilities to turn a profit. Too often money is being thrown at problems hoping it is a solution. There is always a solution to every issue and it doesn’t always cost a fortune to fix.

We are not reps. We are growers with 2 decades of successful commercial cultivation in our own gardens. We could never hire reps with the experience we have. 

  • Facility design
  • Environmental control
  • Environmental setpoints
  • Irrigation strategy and design
  • IPM
  • Nursery operations
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP)

Reach out! Let's talk cultivation! or call 714-485-3584