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RunClean is a product unlike any on the market. Use RunClean with every feed to keep your reservoirs, drip lines, pumps, emitters, sprayers, pots, and tables free from scale and clogs. RunClean is also used to soak parts and equipment that has scale buildup. Using RunClean in soil increases mineral availability.

Cropsalt's Runclean:

  • Completely stable and will not sour your rez like other products on the market.
  • Does not increase or decrease ORP.
  • Does not contribute to EC.
  • Makes minerals more available in soil applications.
  • Prevents calcium "fallout".
  • Acts as a surfactant.
  • Eliminates the need for reverse osmosis water in most applications. (under .7 EC tap or well)
  • Does not harm microbes.
  • 100% environmentally safe.
  • Stable when used with chlorine products like bleach and hocl.
  • Does not interact with silicates.

Directions for use:

  • .2-.4 ml per gallon with every feed to prevent scaling and clogs in a clean system.
  • 1 ml per gallon to reduce existing scaling and clogs.
  • 4-8 ml per gallon for equipment soaks and between runs to "reset" and dissolve any scale.
  • Use of a wavemaker in the rez or in your parts soaking container will increase rate of descaling.
  • Contact time directly correlates with descaling abilities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jay Packer (Santa Rosa, US)
Best product in the game

Keeps everything clean from slime to calcification opens clogged admitters and on top of everything else replaces ph down.

Jeremiah Schwarm (Carbondale, US)
Awesome product

Had a pressure relief valve sticking and ran RunClean in my rez for 2 days and it hasn’t stuck since. 10/10 would recommend

Terence Ludwig (Estevan, CA)
Runclean Works!

I love it! Runclean is an awesome product

Lazy Dog (Dayville, US)
Love it!

Such a great product. We’ve noticed significantly cleaner and clearer reservoirs and filters! It’s a staple in our lineup now, especially as a ph down and with keeping dosers clean.

HapiValleyFarms (Tulsa, US)
For DWC and soil

I use it in my RDWC 10 bucket system, and I use in my soil watering. I bought a 32 oz, then had to get the gallon, because I like how my nutrients disolve in it.