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Cropsalt Cake is in a league of it's own. There is nothing even close to similar on the market. The industries first nutrient used during flush to increase your crops value. Cropsalt was the first to promote the use of a finisher during flush rather than plain water. Cake has never contained any nitrogen as nitrogen elimination is the entire purpose of the flush phase. Cake is used to strip nitrogen from the rootzone and block its absorption while still supplying critical nutrients that promote weight and bag appeal.

Cake adds color, terpenes, frost, and weight. Run it... you'll see the difference within 3 days of your first feed.

Cropsalt Cake is to be used by itself during the final 2 weeks as a flush. Recommended strength is 3 grams Cake per gallon.

See our F.A.Q. page for stock tank dilution rates.

Side by side versus anything.

Individual 1lb are not available in Canada.


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