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Cropsalt Cultivation Bundle

Cropsalt Cultivation Bundle

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This bundle makes roughly 9800 gallons Veg, 8800 gallons Bloom, and 3000 gallons  Cake when following our feed chart.

Includes the following:

100 lbs Veg A

70 lbs Veg B

100 lbs Bloom A

55 lbs Bloom B

20 lbs Cake

NO ADDITIVES NEEDED. Cropsalt will outperform any line just by following the feed chart.

  • Unmatched cost per gallon.
  • 40% fewer grams per gallon than the competition
  • Cropsalt is the only line with multiple sources of calcium.
  • Cropsalt is the first line to run a set EC from start to finish.
  • Ph Stable.
  • Finely ground.
  • Zero dyes.
  • Doser and stock tank ready.
  • Resealable packaging.
  • Same feed chart since 2016. No surprises or new additives to buy.
  • By growers. For growers.

See our Grow Documents Page and Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information on Cropsalt and for grow information.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shaun Huot (Fairbanks, US)
Clean Product - Amazing Team

Awesome product, easy to use, and super clean in the barrels. CropSalt team is always there to help with any questions. You aren't just buying nutes!

Ronyn Gillott (Mount Albert, CA)
Great Results

We are a micro facility with 31 plus rooms, each room has 20 lights with 405 plants per room and 2 staff, we have switched 3 of our rooms back in February 2023 to accommodate testing on crop salts, within our rooms we have different strains and different feed schedules, the 3 test rooms have increased their yield by (room 1 went up 22% room 2 went to 26 % and room 3 went to 27% ) Crop salts are very easy to use as long as you follow their directions EC,PH,PPM C02 should be monitored closely We did experience lock out on some of our feed schedules but with Crop Salts we have zero now. If you are starting out this is the easiest feed schedule as a beginner for small or big crops. We use LED for veg and transition to DE there was always a 7 delay of stress in this transition, now we have 2 day transition with crop salts. I wish it was this easy 20 years ago. Good luck Ronyn.

Cropsalt nutrients

I have been cultivating since 1998 and have used almost every nutrient line there is.....hands down Cropsalt is the best product there is !!!! Thanks 😊

Tyler Tetrault (Golden, CA)
Great Product Great Support

Been growing for many years as well as retailing nutrient in our garden centre. We had been led to believe you need up to 15 different products in many large jugs to grow great cannabis, turns out you just need Crop Salt. Any fool can make things complicated, it takes a genius to make it simple.


One of the best things I came across