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Veg A

Veg A

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Veg A is a fine powder that mixes consistently every time regardless of the reservoir size. Unlike other soluble lines that sell large prilled inputs, we mix all inputs, grind, and then mix again to ensure every grower gets the benefits of soluble fertilizers. Fully soluble and clean.

Veg A and Veg B are used together from clone to day 21 of flower. Cropsalt was the first line to talk about the importance of veg nutrients through day 21 of flower and produce a feed chart showing how nutrients are properly run. Feeding Veg nutrients through the first 3 weeks of flower, during transition, limits stretch and produces tight internodal spacing.

  • Unmatched cost per gallon.
  • 40% fewer grams per gallon than the competition
  • Cropsalt is the only line with multiple sources of calcium.
  • Cropsalt is the first line to run a set EC from start to finish.
  • Ph Stable.
  • Finely ground.
  • Zero dyes.
  • Doser and stock tank ready.
  • Resealable packaging.
  • Same feed chart since 2016. No surprises or new additives to buy.
  • For growers. By growers.

NO ADDITIVES NEEDED. Cropsalt will outperform any line just by following the feed chart.

Recommended strength is 4.6 grams Veg A per gallon.

See our Grow Documents Page and Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information on Cropsalt and for grow information.

Visit to dial in your environment.

Individual 1lb are not available in Canada.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Allen Ronaldson (Woodstock, US)
I try not to give 5 stars….

because there’s no where to go but down, but this is special!

Lance Brethorst (Saint Michael, US)
3 years

I started running cropsalt in March of '21 I love this stuff!

Joshua Anderson (Franklin, US)
Amazing product

Love crop slats.... have to say this is one or the first nutrient lines I've been able to use as directed without any issues. Beautiful clear water and the plants thrive. Will definitely be using crop salts from here on out.

BruceLeef @ youtube (Sylmar, US)
Veg A,B

Veg A&B
Simple , Easy and Clean.. works great.. awesome results
YouTube @bruceleef
Instagram @420bruceleef

Joe Rivera (Napa, US)

Easiest and cleanest line I’ve ever used! Combined with Run Clean and you can’t go wrong. Results speak for themselves. Do not sleep on this. You will not be disappointed.